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Postoperative care

There are obviously differences between all proposed interventions, but the addition of preoperative tumescent anesthesia has completely changed things and suites between conventional surgery and endovenous laser or VNUS Closure ® are quite similar.

After varicose vein surgery, endovenous laser intervention or VNUS Closure procedure, it can sometimes be useful to prevent phlebitis.

In this case, daily injections will be prescribed post-operative according to my prescription or that of the anesthesiologist.
They will be tailored to your case and will be decided on the day of your preoperative marking, which is also a must.

The dressing should remain in place until removal of the son. They will not need to be changed.
Do not wet throughout the pain of risking an infection on the incision is so small it.

Do not trample or perform too much effort (long walks, for example). But you do not stay too inactive or elongated.
In some ways, but normally live quietly.

Do not wear load, it blocks the venous return by contractions of abdominal muscles and may lead to hypertension and an increased risk of bruising and compromising the final result.
Pushing a cart overloaded, carrying a child are such to avoid. Do not use your recovery to move or re-wallpaper ...

You will need to wear compression stockings when bands are removed. Rest assured, they are quite aesthetic and will not come out. I am sure that you take the same taste for the greatest happiness of your veins ....

You can pick up a sport after three or four weeks.
This point will be discussed with your doctor depending on the sport and its frequency.