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Post care after sclerotherapy

The mechanism of this treatment is to induce an inflammation in the veins that leads to fibrosis and sclerosis.
So redness, spots painful to the touch, localized edema, pains are normal reactions.

It is easy to reduce these pitfalls using local ointments and wearing compression class 2 DURING ONE WEEK AFTER THE SESSION.

An injection in a vein can provoke an hematoma, especially if your vessels are very weak.

Sometime some inesthetic pitfalls are possible brown spots, matting (new spider veins), skin necrosis. Don’t worry, everything could be repaired during the next session.
But if you are concerned by adverse effect, you must call the physician that has performed the treatment, he is the only that know what was the involved  treatment.

Can sclerotherapy decrease the pain, heaviness, swollen legs?

Yes in 70% cases, but this improvement cannot be guaranteed.

How long to see the result of a complete treatment?

Three months after the end the treatment are required, but after three weeks we can see the efficacy of the treatment. So  there is no reason to be injected once a week… three weeks between two sessions seem the best.

Is the treatment definitive one?

The treatment of the vein is clearly durable but the venous insufficiency is for the life and a regular survey is useful especially if the pathology is important.
No sport  three days after the sclerotherapy session.
No sun, no UV to the end of the bruising and local reactions. There is a risk of pigmentation.
No heat on your legs as hot bath, sauna that can increase the inflammation and pain.
You have rather better to use Alexandrite laser for hair removal than wax.