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The course of care

There are several reasons to think about venous disease functional.

signs as pain, heaviness, itching, burning, restless leg syndrome of the legs arising in the end of the day and sometimes at night.

If you are concerned by these signs or if you notice on your legs blue and blistered veins, some branches of spider veins or varicosities, brown or red spots, pain when palpation, swollen legs, etc…

You must be examinated by an angiophlebologist. Besides venous diseases, women are frequently worried by lipodystrophy and cellulitis that are borning from the edema.

Another good reason to be enlighten by a specialist of vascular diseases. The clinical examination allows to clear the seriousness of the disease. This time is always followed by duplex scan assessment that give in all the cases solutions to treat the problem as completely as possible. In all the cases, several solutions are proposed that take account of the patients demands according fastness, efficacy and esthtetic.
A follow up is always required specially when the patient presents an heavy heredity.