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Born the 12/8/1950 in Casablanca (Morocco)


Doctor in Medicine 1977
Graduated in Angiology 1980-Paris V university
Graduated in medical English -1973- Paris XII university
Graduated in electrocardiography -1974- Paris XII university
Graduated in angiology 1980
Assistant in Tenon hospital (Paris) department of phlebology in cardiology service (Pr Acar -1982-1995)
Designated Expert in French Food and Drug Administration (AFFSAPS) and for “Haute Autorité de Santé” (health ministry guide lines)

Site of surgical practice

Clinique de l’orangerie : Le perreux 94 Paris surroundings 1986-1988.
Centre Chirurgical Paris Est –Paris 75011 1988- 1999.
Clinique Saint Hilaire La Varenne Saint Hilaire 94 Paris surroundings 1988-1999.
Clinique des Sœurs Augustines de Meaux 75007- Paris 1992- 2000.
Clinique de Sucy – Sucy en brie 94 surrounding of Paris 1999-2002.
Clinique du Château de Vincennes – Vincennes 94 – 2002
Clinique de Bercy - Charenton  2008- today 
Clinique du Trocadero - 75116 Paris – 2000 – today From 1995 to now only liberal practice.


Designated expert to French FDA and HAS Titulary Member of French Society of Phlebology (by vote of AC)
Member of French College of Vascular Disease
Member Of Canadian Society of Phlebology (vote of AC)
Fellow of American Society of Phlebectomy (AC vote)
Honorary Member of American College of Phlebology (AC vote)
Fellow of American College of Phlebology (AC vote)
Member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AC vote)