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Rubbing out the skin spots

Because even when varices and spiders have disappeared, the legs remains imperfect.

There is always a solution to make your legs neat.

Red spots and little angiomas

These red spots sometimes blistered or looking like stars can be observed on all the parts of the body.
The treatment is simple, we treat them with 1064 or 532 nm laser. The technical choice depends on the size spots, the surrounding skin, the risk of pigmentation and the deepness of the spot to reach.

Duration of the procedure :15 to 30 minutes according to the volume and number of spots to remove. Each shooting can induce a burning sensation. The session number doesn’t exceed three one’s. The sun is prohibited during three weeks after the session.

Brown spots and sun lentigo :

All the treatments of varicose veins can let some brown pigmentation on the skin. To replace a varicose vein by a spot is not satisfying way. This can occur on tanned and dark skin or if  sun exposure after treatment. We have to know how to manage this problem. Some spots can arise on areas under sun exposure. An assessment is necessary to dismiss others diseases, it is important to treat first all the surrounding varicose veins, to avoid some areas, and to be very careful with tanned and dark skins.
We use in these cases LASER 755 nm QS. It is sometimes necessary to add peeling (TCA) and /or dermasanding.