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Express traetment of varicose disease

Even the venous insufficiency is a chronic disease, when we have decided to completely treat  this pathology, the treatment is always long because of the association of several techniques as ambulatory surgery, phlebectomy, endo venous laser ablation, sclerotherapy and to complete the aesthetic result exo venous laser.
Generally last several months with a lot of appointements with your phlebologist.

Don’t be concerned by this because today, we are able to treat as completely as you hope all the disease with a good well applied therapeutical strategy.

According to two criterions we are able to propose a complete treatment of your problem : the location of the disease on the leg on a map and the appearance of the varicose vein to treat on a photography, we are able to propose a right treatment that will be completely adapted during the pre treatment appointement with duplex scan and clinical examination.

If a surgical surgery is forseen, it will be perform in the express session, all the average veins removed by phlebectomy because the volume of veins to remove is unlimited if needed, by sclerotherapy  for someone (limited volume) and all by a new concept 1064 nm laser that can erase all the spider veins and varicosities.

In the end of treatment, a non removable compression is applied to wear for a week. The patient can leave the clinic in most part of time.
The dressing will be removed by himself in his country. At 60 days he has to come back for control and for achievement.
However, we recommend a stay in Paris to your convenience hotel if a long flight is forseen (4 days and thrombosis prophylaxis mandatory).

To propose this type of express treatment a wide knowledge of the disease is important : through a simple mapping of your varicose vein and through a simple photo , we can give the diagnosis and the treatment to apply in more than 90% case.
The refinement of therapeutics solutions with  dupplex gives 100% with all safety standard.

We perform all the techniques of treatment and are reknewed all over the phlebologic’s world. The SC 1064 LASER gives us a wider field of treatment as never reached today.
Ask for information  or to receive a pre consultation form by mail on :
dr.garde.c@wanadoo.fr or by phone
+3314885 3727 (English speaking on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday PM)
or by fax :+3314283 1807