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Clear my veins

Erase the varicosities and spider veins

The varicosities’ treatment :

The varicosities treatment must be performed after the underlaying varicose veins treatment.
A complete clinical and dupplex scan  assessment  is mandatory to avoid poor results.

The varicosites treatment is always a second time treatment.

This technique looks like the classical sclerotherapy because we have to inject an irritating with a milder agent in very small vessels. The needles are very fine and the syringe with a smaller volume. The treatment’s logic consists in treating first feeding veins (reticular and systematized network) then the blue, purple and at end, red spider veins.

The efficacy treatment is noted only three months later

Duration of the treatment: each session is 20 minutes long but the number is very variable, depending of the volume, the spreading of the spiders and some factors as hormonal disturbances. They are not painful and sometimes we advise the patients to wear a compression for a week.

Vascular laser : to complete in all the cases the result :


We use three devices 810 NM, KTP 532 NM and 1064NM. Each device can reach a color so they have different targets. They can erase very fine spider veins without pressure. So we must be careful before laser treatment to remove all underlying varicose veins network because there is a risk to induce pigmentation, matting uglier than the previous problem.

Duration treatment

There is no limit for duration treatment because there is  no toxic dose, but each laser spot can induce a little burning even if we add cooling device and , we never exceed 30 mns. The number of sessions depends of the volume of spiders but also of the efficacy of this technique instead of the other ones.

The radio frequency thermocoagulation : that replaces electric coagulation : this technique acts by coagulation by spots with controlled heated steril needle. We only use it on the face because of the poor results on the spider veins on the legs.