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Be confortable in my legs

Your legs are painful, heavy, especially in the end of the day.
You have cramping, tingling, difficulty to  find bed rest ...
This may be your veins, even without visible varicose veins.


A consultation with your angiologist can help you to assess the disease and to see if there are underlying varicose veins or not.
If this is not the case, then what to do to protect your veins?

Avoid exposing your legs to situations which dilate the veins!

This is not to impose frustrations but to live differently by adopting a few simple steps.

The sun and heat dilate blood vessels. So, after the sauna, steam room, complete with a long cool shower only on the legs to promote a redistribution of blood in the body.
Same thing if you love hot baths, always refresh their legs late in the session.

You like to have tanned legs? Two or three things to consider:


Standing and trampling are also to avoid. If your occupation is static, never lose the opportunity to move. Avoid the elevator when possible. Beat the rhythm of music with his feet is a simple way to work the calf muscles and promote venous return very effectively ...

There are also options that your doctor may advise you to fight against this poor venous back flow: